First 100 EH216 drone units for America and the Caribbean

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In this project, we intend to send the first 100 Drones to America, this commitment to the socialisation of the future of transport, aims to overturn the concept of developing countries that enjoy the view of their beautiful landscapes, to enjoy urban flights for passengers.

EH216 The latest version of Ehang
Pre-project time
3 Months
Project Duration
8 Months
Budget in millions of euros
List of components
The first in urban passenger flights!
What are the needs to be defined in the future of urban Drones?
What does the Asian shark think is the solution for these first 100 Drones?
What benefits will this project bring to the chosen country?
Project plan and content


  • Ehang. The first company in the world, launched its first urban flights for passengers and today has the highest record in flight hours in the world, without accidents and without mishaps in its flights, with an accuracy when flying on takeoff, and landing.
  • It is currently not regulated in most countries, and it is far away that there may be unanimity in the concept of how and what will be allowed when making urban flights for passengers, with tourist, executive reasons, emergency for ambulances, or government flights.
  • In this first stage, we believe that it is better to carry out a tourism project in a region or in a small country that is autonomous in this type of decisions so that we can implement special local urban flight permits, taking into account that one of the special virtues of this machine of the future is not to need a large infrastructure for takeoffs and landings, as is the case of the We believe that this is one of the main factors that will make this project a success with global media advertising, which may benefit both our company and the country that decides to welcome us in this proposal.
  • The region or island of Caribbean America that takes advantage of our project, will have as an advantage the international advertising of being the first country to have urban drones for passengers, to be pioneers in the enjoyment of this technology. International prestige, economic dividends for income and taxes that will be generated by the increase in local tourism, greater and better employment for its citizens, for being the first sales base in Latin America and the Caribbean to use this country as an exhibition space for the entire western region.